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Pressed In Time – Business Owners

Self employment does not suit everybody, and there are no short cuts to success; yet we offer a real opportunity where the prospects of continued growth are simply unparalleled. Listed below is a small selection of some of the people that made the decision to become part of Pressed In Time. Take a look at what they have to say!

Rusty and Pulane Maubane

I am a qualified electrician by profession and held a senior position in one of Metropolitan Municipalities in Gauteng where I worked for 22 years. I have always wanted to work for myself and after a wide search into franchising, I decided to go with the Pressed In Time brand. It is challenging, fun and rewarding, but with full support and participation from my family and dedicated staff, we have managed to keep a majority of our customers happy. A few months after opening, we were able to purchase an over-sized washer, tumble dryer and a roller iron to cater for the commercial sector as well and the plan is to expand into more shops and Depos.

We are happy and excited to be part of the TEAM of the largest Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company in South Africa and Head Office is only a phone call away to assist with anything. We have developed a great relationship with our customers who always seem happy to come to our store. We guarantee the highest standards and quality and a friendly service.


I was semi retired when my wife and I got the idea of opening a laundry in Parkview. After some research, I decided to go with Pressed In Time and they helped me set up my business in a professional and time efficient way. I was open for business on the 2nd of January 2017 and three months later, I had expanded the business and started to show a profit.

Pressed In Time’s continual support and assistance has been invaluable and without my dedicated and competent staff, Noxie (team leader) and Ntombi (assistant) I would have been on the back foot from day one since the learning curve has been steep.

Its been immensely satisfying and fun to see the business grow from month to month.


Being a business owner and working for myself since 2009 I have endured many challenges. When the opportunity arose to own an established business and well known franchise laundry, I took it with both hands and have not had any regrets. Business has been ever expanding. We have found a lot of joy from our dry cleaning, to the point where we have just commissioned our second machine through the Head Office to cope with the demand. We have established good brand awareness and Head office is always available to assist with any concerns or questions. I would highly recommend owning a Pressed In Time franchise to any prospective owners.


During the financial crisis of 2008/2009 my family found themselves under severe financial stress. At this time I realised that entrepreneurship is a stone of building a better society and stable economy. We cannot rely on large organisations and government to solve our problems, we need to be innovative and brave enough to take some risk. At this stage I decided to start a business. I had no idea what kind of business, but I knew that I had some acumen for retail, and started looking for a business that had low barriers to entry and were easy to make successful, provided you put all you’re heart into it.

At this stage I came across the Pressed In Time brand. I met with the executive team and became very excited about the business model. I took a risk starting a business during a time when the whole country was low in both business and consumer confidence, however in the end it worked out to be the best thing I could have done. I am now my own boss, the business continues to grow from strength to strength and every day we grow a little more. We started with the smaller model and did not have the funds to purchase the full Dry-cleaning model which was more expensive start-up capital, however this year we grew enough to now call ourselves a full end-to- end service provider in the Laundry, dry-cleaning and more business.

It is great to be part of the TEAM of the largest Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company in South Africa and Head Office is only a phone call away to assist with anything. We have developed a great relationship with our customers who always seem happy to come to our store. We guarantee the highest standards and quality and a friendly service.

Ouma and Constance – Pressed in Time Arcon Park Vereeniging


Change is not an easy thing, but through Pressed in time our lives have changed. Moving from one profession to another was not easy, especially from teaching to a laundry business. Through the help and support of PRESSED IN TIME we managed and we are still going to manage as PRESSED IN TIME continues to help and support us.

Phethoho ha se ntho e etsahalang ha bobebe. Ho tloha lekaleng la thuto ho ya indastering ya
laundry, ho ne ho se bobebe, empa ka thuso le tshehetso ya PRESSED IN TIME phethoho e bile teng
maphelong a rona. Ka thuso le tshehetso eo re ntseng re e fumana ho tswa ho PRESSED IN TIME re
ya tswella e bile re ntse re tla tswella.

Thanks to GOD for bringing PRESSED IN TIME in our lives to make our lives easier by availing its laundry services.

Thank you PRESSED IN TIME, you are the best.
Ouma and Constance


Phethoho ha se ntho e etsahalang ha bobebe. Ho tloha lekaleng la thuto ho ya indastering ya
laundry, ho ne ho se bobebe, empa ka thuso le tshehetso ya PRESSED IN TIME phethoho e bile teng
maphelong a rona. Ka thuso le tshehetso eo re ntseng re e fumana ho tswa ho PRESSED IN TIME re
ya tswella e bile re ntse re tla tswella.

People spend much time at work with long hectic working hours.
Weekends are congested with funerals, tombstones unveilings, weddings, family meetings, domstic affairs).
Children issues (1-extra mural activities during the day/in the evenings,2- parents meetings at schools in the evenings/on Sunday mornings, 3-helpingkids with their school work, etc.)
All the above makes it impossible to do laundry on time, but PRESSED IN TIME is the SOLUTION.

Re leboha MODIMO ka ho re tlisetsa PRESSED IN TIME e bebofaditseng maphelo a rona le a batho bohle.

Re ya leboha PRESSED IN TIME
Ouma le Constance

Moremi – Pressed in Time Brackenhurst and Walkerville Center

My life started pretty much like any South African child, good family background with hard working parents raising 5 children with a dream of seeing them succeed in life. That led me to achieving my goal of getting an engineering qualification and worked in my chosen career of electrical engineering for 21 years. Which is a life most of us tend to lead: Get an education, get a stable job, live comfortably, with little emphasis or no attention at all to our talents, passions and dreams.

Even though I lived quite comfortably with my spouse, raising two lovely daughters, deep inside I knew something was missing. I knew I had to do something about my life, changes that will not affect my young family negatively.

My business journey started in 2006 when I was lying in a hospital bed. That’s where I had a vision of having a business of my own, which will be something that I could grow and have a complete control over. I started off in a transport business, and then moved to a furniture import business and finally went into a laundry business privately (not with PIT). All those ventures failed, negatively impacting my family.

After having put my dream on hold, working to pay the bills, an opportunity arose where I had an opportunity to apply for voluntary retrenchment package from my previous employer. This also coincided with luckily meeting one of the PIT staff at the Business Franchise Expo in September 2014, by the name of Kela. The PIT stall must have been the last Franchise that i visited at the expo, if my memory serves me well. I fell in love with their concept that I drove straight home, and had a discussion with my wife about it. Later I had a meeting with Mark Coleman, Alex Murrin and Bongano Moyo just to make a face to face contact with whom I was getting involved with.

I started operating my store in April 2015 and after a year of success, (obviously with some teething problems of my own), went for the second one in a town that I identified as a growing community, which I anticipate grow together with. This off course, Alex Murrin was hands-on in helping me with the set up, from approving of the location (Yes, he was there on site when i needed him there), to shop fitment.

To sum all up, I’m glad I have PIT as a partner, who seem to support my passion (excellent customer service), vision (growth) and values (family).

Yeta and Zandi – Pressed in Time Lephalale

After spending almost 10 years in the Civil Engineering & Construction industry, I felt my career was becoming monotonous and I decided to explore the idea of change. I looked at various business’s and I also became a customer of Pressed in Time. I would regularly take my Laundry and Dry Cleaning to them and always found them to be excellent.

I had serious discussions with my Fiancée on the whole idea of us running a business together and also mentioned how impressed I was with the Pressed in Time model. My Fiancée decided to use her closest Pressed in Time as a customer and she also loved the service rendered to her as a client. In deciding to want to know more, I booked a meeting with Bongani Moyo who explained in detail the whole business model, this included how they identify the right site locations to operations management, together with employee and customer relations. I left the meeting with a thorough understanding of how it all works together with an understanding on why Pressed in Time are by far the most successful company in their industry.

In short, we took the plunge and opened our first store in Lephalale. Our customers have been wonderful and we enjoy phenomenal support from them. Pressed in Time Head Office have also been outstanding in their guidance and support. They go out of their way to help and really do deliver in terms of what they do. During staff training Kela stayed over longer to make absolutely sure that our employees where fully on board with all aspects of the role.

The demand for our service has been far greater than we initially anticipated, our customers trust us and trust the brand. Within the first two months we even increased the amount of machines to cope with the demand.

In conclusion, we can happily say that Pressed in Time Head Office have been extremely helpful and efficient in making our business life a bliss! Customer satisfaction is the core trait of our business and we are hugely optimistic of our future together. We are still young at heart, but with the support guidance and encouragement we receive from Pressed in Time’s Head Office, the Sky is the limit.

Francina – Amazing Journey

I come from a Franchising and IT background, was a Marketing Manager at an IT company for 5 years and I have been in Sales/Marketing positions in IT for the last 24 years.

I first read about Pressed in Time in the Saturday Star Newspaper and decided to pursue the opportunity of partnering with this wonderful brand, Mark and Alex were extremely helpful in making me realize this dream. Pressed In Time HQ ensured that the setting up of our first store went seamlessly and we were up and running on August 1st, 2012. Just 24 months later we opened our second store and currently we are running three profitable stores.

My Journey has been amazing, the full support, continuous staff training and assistance from Head Office has helped me to overcome many of the challenges, resulting in a hugely successful multi-store operation. I am happy to recommend Pressed in Time to anyone who wants to start their own business and I can testify to what a good business I have found it to be, with solid and high returns.

Patrick and Barbara

Having both spent our careers at the Post Office and knowing we wanted to run and own our business we were both cautious and yet determined to find a solid business that would last. In 2003 we boarded a plane to meet Mark and we must say Mark and Pressed in Time’s Head Office were so helpful and supportive in helping us achieve our dream. Both of us work in our business and ensure that the service we deliver is always of the highest standards.

We are proud to be one of Pressed in Times oldest and most established store owners. We have been an integral part of a brand that has grown to be such a success. We realise that working together has enormous benefits, corporate clients realise that we are a brand that can be trusted. Many times we have new customers who walk in and tell us they’ve been searching the Internet for us and will use other Pressed in Time branches whilst in Durban and No Other laundry!

Having been part of Pressed in Time for 10 years, we can both say with absolute certainty that working together, being part of Pressed in Time is our firm recommendation for anyone considering our industry.

Fikile Hlophe

After working in the corporate environment for almost 15 years I decided to leave the corporate cocoon and explore something new and exciting. This meant a diversion from my professional career which I was more comfortable with to face the risks and challenges of the new career. I spent time reading business publications and websites exploring choices that were available in the market. I then decided to go the Franchising route because of its advantages and that the risk is manageable. Out of all the businesses that I explored none was more exciting than Pressed In Time.

My first meeting with the MD of Pressed In Time, Mark Coleman was fulfilling and exciting. I felt welcomed and really felt that Pressed In Time was going to be my new home. I was very much impressed by the atmosphere at the Head Office, the friendliness of the staff especially Beauty, made me feel at home and relaxed.

I started operating at Pineslopes in Fourways in August 2011, and up to this date I don’t regret the decision that I made to join Pressed In Time Group. Being the business owner for the first time is not easy because of the teething challenges that one faces. I feel much blessed because the Head office staff has been so supportive during the time of need. My shop is a stone throw away from the Head office therefore I use that advantage to my benefit and indeed the staff have been of great help. One brownie for each!

I would like to thank Bongani Moyo for the support and guidance he has been continually giving me. He is indeed a great asset to Pressed In time. May God to bless him abundantly.

Audrey & Thokozani Mlotshwa

Being the first time business owners is the dream come true for me and my husband. It`s been a long time we`ve been thinking of starting a business, from catering to anything we could think of until one day we came across an advert for owning am laundry franchise, not any franchise but pressed in time.

From there we did not “sleep”, we did researches, looked at other options but at last pressed in time won our hearts. We wanted a brand, a trusted brand. We did not know anything about franchising , but our first visit to the Pressed in Time Head office was so eye opening. Bongani explained every detail to us and from there our dream became a reality.

For these few months of operation it is like we`ve been in this business for years. Our clients are so happy and they can`t stop thanking us for good service delivery and dedication, and we are looking forward to opening a few more shops soon.

The dedication and support we get from Pressed in Time Head office is the main force that keeps us going sky-up. From the welcoming call from Mark to the frequent calls from Mucha, Beauty, Bongani and Alex, these make us feel that we are indeed part of the Pit FAMILY. To us Pressed in Time is not a franchise but our BUSINESS. With Beauty always visiting us !! we know, we can`t go wrong, never.

Thomas Simelane

Having spent 25 years in the Petro Chemical industry I decided I wanted to work for myself and create my own success. I looked at many opportunities and decided on Pressed in Time.

I feel very much part of the Pressed in Time family now and not only is my business very successful it is also continuing to grow. For me my decision was a wonderful one. I work hard and create my own success and enjoy the support and backing of the leaders in our industry. We are succeeding together!